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Anesthesiologist Becomes Millionaire Charging Admission to the Head of the Bed

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HOLLYWOOD, CA – At Burbank SurgiCenter, Jack Lloyd, MD. MBA., had become frustrated over the past several years with all the “visitors” at the head of the bed to watch the operations. With medical students, residents, PA’s, NP’s, nursing students and visiting surgeons taking over Jack’s space he often found himself waiting in the line of visitors to discuss intraoperative events with the surgical team. Over the years Jack had learned how to say “excuse me” in 15 different languages.  His favorite of which was, “Perdão.”

One month ago after getting elbowed by one of the residents, who thought Jack was trying to cut to the head of the bed, he decided that the time he spent accruing interest on his medical school loans to attend business school should be put to good use.

He set up an LLC and put fancy velvet ropes around his area at the head of the bed. He hired his neighbor Donny as a bouncer and keep the waiting “visitors” at bay. Jack began charging a nominal fee for entrance to the “Head of the Bed Club,” which he had incorporated. The cover didn’t seem to keep people from wanting to visit. In fact it did the opposite. Word got around of the exclusive club at the Burbank SurgiCenter and Jack found himself attracting throngs of people who just wanted to hang out behind the velvet ropes.

Jack Lloyd now owns Head of the Bed Clubs throughout southern California. The Hollywood Weekly has now listed the original Head of the Bed Club as one of the trendiest spots in the area attracting people both medically related and non-medically related club goers. Jack Lloyd’s estimated worth is 112 million dollars. When Jack was asked what he would do with his new found wealth he said, “I will begin with paying down my student loans and see what is left over after that.“

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