Game of Thrones Pain Scale

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Are you like me and tired of giving the same old boring explanation of the 0-10 pain scale?  Spice it up by using the Game of Thrones Pain Scale!

"What would you rate your pain?" "AHHHHH a NIIINE, IT BUUUURNS [girggle girggle]"
“What would you rate your pain?” “AHHHHH a NIIINE, IT BUUUURNS [girggle girggle]”
Is your pain at:

0 – Perfectly numb as drunk beautiful Queen Cersei

1 – Like you’ve been pushed through the Moon Door.  it’s a fatal fall, but the view is nice.

2 – Like you’ve been crossbowed in the groin by your LP son while taking care of some late-night business on the commode.

3 – Like you’ve had to be in the company of Lord Robin at the Eyrie.

4 – Like you’ve had a hand chopped off without even a drop of milk of poppy or dreamwine.  I mean, what kind of hospital is this?!

5 – Like you’ve sailed into naval battle with strength and numbers on your side and then, WILDFIRE!!  You’re burning alive.

6 – Like you’ve been ripped limb from limb by a direwolf.

7 – Like you’ve been starved and left to rot with fever from a festering leg wound but kept alive by a trickle of water and promise of release only to lose your head at the whim of a pre-pubescent king.

8 – Like you’ve been stabbed and decapitated at a wedding, a wolf’s head mounted on your headless body.  What about guest right?  Now that hurts.

9 – Like you’ve been coronated with a crown of gold lava.

10 – Like you’ve had a scull-crushing blow from a giant in a battle you had been gallantly winning.  Oh, and he sticks his thumbs in your eyeballs.

Be sure to check out Medical Subspecialties as Game of Thrones Characters.

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