OB/GYN Chief Resident Finding Christmas Gift Difficult to Open, Performs Emergency Episiotomy

SANTA FE, NM – Area OB/GYN chief resident Dr. Sandra Bonit came home for the holidays after a week of night float.  “Seven straight nights of running the floor with an intern who still gets nauseous during a C-section, I need some Christmas and some holiday spirits.  Where are the rum, egg nog, and presents?”  Dr. Bonit caught up with extended family at her parents’ house early Christmas morning after reading out to the day team.

present hard to open
“I can’t get this present open!!”

As the Bonit family exchanged presents, Sandra’s 8-year-old cousin Jack found it difficult to open the wrapping paper on his new aerial quadcopter, the result of unusually taut wrapping paper.

“Stand back,” Dr. Bonit exclaimed as she ran into the kitchen, returning with scissors, gloves, and olive oil.  “I need you to hold the pressure on the gift box, as I lubricate with the oil, Jack,” she stated as she made a 2-cm incision along the wrapping paper by the edge of the box.  “Okay, push now.”

While Jack showed off his quadcopter to the family, Dr. Bonit wiped her brow and ended Christmas morning by stitching the cut wrapping paper intact again, retiring with a strong egg nog and a copy of the ACOG Green Journal while drawing fetal heart tones on Jack’s Etch-A-Sketch.