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Surgeons Demand OR Be Changed to Operating Department

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SEATTLE, WA – In today’s competitive healthcare market, public perspectives are critical to manage.  Accordingly, emergency physicians have demanded a change of the term ER to Emergency Departments.  In a rare move, surgeons are following the lead of another specialty.

operating room
“Please refer to our workspace as a department, show a little respect”

“We are sick of the OR being called the Operating Room. Don’t people know that we work in more than one room? It’s an entire department!” Dr. Steele, a General Surgeon told GomerBlog.

“As long as people think the OR is a single room, we won’t get any respect or prestige,” as he unplugged his cherry red Tesla from his special parking space at Hope Hospital.  Dr. Steele continued, “This is my life purpose, all ORs must be renamed to ODs.”

Name changes, however, can create confusion.  Dr. Singh, an emergency physician, told us, “Since the name change to ED, I’ve started seeing patients come by ambulance for refills of their erectile dysfunction drugs.”

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