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Physicians Flock to New RateMyPatient.com Website

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SAN DIEGO, CA – A popular new website launched in response to RateMDs.com now allows physicians to review their patients, providing a resource for new physicians to ensure they pick up only the best patients.

rate my patients“I’ve found Mr. Robbins to routinely present with 5-6 chief complaints and expect full workups for each in one 15 minute visit. He would then conveniently “forget” to do the labs and Ultrasound that I requested for these issues, and present to the office 5 months later with the same concerns!” — Anonymous Physician posting to RateMyPatient.com on Oct 21, 2015.

“This is a fantastic resource,” says Dr. A. Provand, a Family Physician new to practice, currently accepting patients in Southern California. “With this I can ensure I get a competent patient, one who understands me and the struggles I’m going through. Most of them just don’t get it, it’s tough to find a good patient these days.”

“You can find reviews of books and frying pans on the internet, why not patients?”

RateMyPatient.com, which receives almost 10,000 unique hits daily since launch, hasn’t been without its controversy however.

“I really have serious reactions to almost all medications doctors prescribe!” writes Nancy Popring of Pennsylvania in an open letter response to a review posted on the website claiming she was difficult to treat. “Tylenol 3’s make my fingers tingle, and Advil just gives me such terrible breath! The only thing that works for my foot pain is Dilaudid!”

She also notes that coming soon, patients will soon be able to buy ad space on the website to ensure that they get picked by a physician. “If you’re having trouble getting a doctor, we can help! For a very nominal fee of course.”

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