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Surgical Residency Shut Down for Possible Human Trafficking‏

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA  – The General Surgery Residency of a prominent university in California is currently under federal investigation following allegations of possible human trafficking charges.

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“I only worked 80 hours this week. I promise.”

Federal authorities of the United States Department of Homeland Security were tipped off approximately two months prior following multiple reports of “slavery” and “indecency.”

Further investigation of these reports cite complaints of “emotional abuse,” “exploitation of foreign help,” and “domestic servitude of vulnerable victims.”  Investigative journalism was able to converse with two surgical residents, who hope to retain their anonymity in fears of backlash.  The following transcript was obtain following this ground-breaking interview.

Interviewer: “Thank you for meeting with us.  I imagine this may be hard to do, but it’s important to understand the accusations and whether they have any truth.”

Surgical Resident 1: “It’s time to come forward with the truth.”

Interviewer: “As we get more details from the court findings, we hear a lot of stories.  Can you give any validity to these claims?”

Surgical Resident 2: “Can you be more specific?”

Surgical Resident 1: “I think I’ve heard it all, and I want to maintain that I was not the resident who wasn’t allowed to use the restroom.  That was not me.”

Surgical Resident 2: “Oh, yes.  Well that story regarding the restroom was true, but I can attest that it was not involving either of us.”

Interviewer: “Can either of you go into detail regarding that story?  Or any story you want to provide some validity to?”

Surgical Resident 1: “Sure.  There was a time when the hospital wanted to save money, so we were given monthly toilet flush tickets.  Well, this resident used his all up by the end of the month, and well…”

Surgical Resident 2: “He had to defecate all day.  Essentially it was his time in the middle of a case.”

Surgical Resident 1: “Yes, but you got to hand it to him, he maintained the sterile field.”

The above is just a fraction of the accusations that have come forward after these violation citations were made.  Further investigations reveal accusations of “terrible pizza served at every meeting,” “babysitting requirements for medical students,” and “repeated urinary tract infections from being forced to hold your pee.”  While this interviewer cannot attest to having pizza that was ever terrible, the accusations are hard to hear.

The residency program, as of December 30, 2015, is currently under review for an indefinite period of time.  Further reports to the validity of these claims seem to come forward in the meantime.  We will continue to report on this event as it progresses.

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