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Neurosurgeon Jokes “It’s Not Brain Surgery” for the First Time in History

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – In a combination of medical brilliance and creative genius, neurosurgeon Francesco Hernandez has spontaneously invented a joke that has just been awarded Most Original Joke of All Time (MOJAT) by the American Academy of Humour (AAH).

brain surgery
“Dr. Fernandez, your witty joke has gone viral on the YouTube!”

Footage taken from a medical student’s phone captured the incredible moment.  Hernandez is seen operating alongside his resident.  Growing frustrated at the junior doctor’s clumsiness, Hernandez began to make fun of him.  “Come on, pal, use your brain,” he jeered, chuckling at his own wit.  But the best was yet to come.

“What’s the big deal?” Hernandez began.  His eyes widened as he realized he was about to invent the greatest joke of all time.  “It’s not brain surgery!”  His punch line was barely distinguishable amongst his own laughter.

An inside source spoke to GomerBlog.  “The whole room was stunned, and then started laughing hysterically.  They had never heard anything so funny before.”  The joke was even reported to penetrate the patient’s unconscious brain, and she began laughing too.  Only the anesthetist remained asleep.

Hernandez had more gold during his speech at the AAH presentation.  “Thank you so much to the Academy.  You guys do such a great job.  I mean… it’s not brain surgery or anything, but well done.”  He continued: “It’s nice to be get away from the hospital for a day.  I work really hard, you know?  I mean… it’s brain surgery!  Haha!  Get it?  Just like the joke… but it really is brain surgery!”

The joke did not become less funny each time he told it.

Amateur comedian and NASA scientist Louisa Thatcher attended the event.  “He’s such an inspiration.  I’ve been searching for the perfect joke for three years now.  I think I’m close. I mean how hard can it be?  Comedy isn’t…”  Thatcher unexpectedly ran away laughing, without finishing her interview.

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