cervical spine

Medical Student Dislocates C-Spine Due to Overzealous Nodding

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BOSTON, MA – Medical students are being warned after James Pharrier, a 22-year-old student at University Medicale, suffered an atlanto-occipital joint dislocation upon over-zealously pseudo-affirming his understanding of the loop of Henle.  Students were shocked as James collapsed to the floor, still mumbling in pseudo-affirmation.

cervical spine
“Must… continue… to nod… yes…”

The GomerBlog team interviewed James at his hospital bed.  “I just understood the concept so well, I could have been lecturing it myself, so obviously my peers needed to know this.”  Further questioning confirmed that James had little to no understanding of renal physiology.  “Look, the knowledge isn’t what matters, it’s the need for my peers to think that I have more knowledge than them.”  The GomerBlog team terminated the interview soon after.

Professor In Chang, who has researched into overzealous nodding and mumbling during medical lectures, found that students only exhibited this practice in group-based learning; it was rarely ever observed during one-on-one tutorship.  “We believe these students are attempting to communicate some sort of superiority to their peers, when in reality, it is these very students who lack knowledge… And are also not liked.”  These students were also found to have degenerative changes in their cervical spine and small hands.

The GomerBlog team wishes James a speedy recovery.  But not really.

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