The 5 Stages of Boards Preparation

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GomerBlog breaks down the 5 stages of Boards preparation:


49485261_m“I don’t need to study yet… it’s much more important to (fill in blank: shop for Chanel skin care products, catch up on Game of Thrones season 5, reorganize the bathroom closet, trim pesky nose hairs, play video games, etc.)”


“If I buy these neat pens from Staples, and some colored file cards, I’ll be so much more organized… and make a color-coded schedule for what I’ll study when and maybe some of these binder tabs… Oooh, was that a Facebook notification?”


“I know my program director told me to study the things I’m bad at and to avoid the temptation to study the things I know well ‘cuz it makes me feel better, but it sucks getting all these genetics questions wrong… I’m going to eat a brownie now.”


“Ok.  Buckling down now.  For the next 8 weeks.  No more excuses.”


“OMG, I think I might barf if I see another PREP question!  Just let me take the freaking test and be done with it!”

Note: You may pass back and forth among a few of these like me and that’s perfectly normal.  I was on step 5 and seem to have slipped back to 3.  Going to make some brownies now (or at least brownie batter) and get back to work…

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