Now that you can’t say “ER” anymore when referring to the place where drug-seekers go to get Dilaudid, it can be a bit confusing when someone says “ED” if they are referring to the Emergency Department or Erectile Dysfunction.  The following is intended to help elucidate the similarities and differences between the two.

ededHaving ED (Erectile Dysfunction) may sometimes lead to very long wait times.  Going to the ED (Emergency Department) will ALWAYS involve long wait times.

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a bothersome condition that may affects 25% of males.  The ED (Emergency Department) is a bothersome place that gets on the nerves of 100% of inpatient services.

There’s little that a nurse can do to change your experience with ED (Erectile Dysfunction), while nurses can help make your time in the ED (Emergency Department) either a lot better… or a lot worse.

When you have ED (Erectile Dysfunction) you may feel embarrassed enough to wish you were dead.  The ED (Emergency Department) is a place where they will make sure you are not actively dying even though you may feel like you are.

Nobody likes to discover that they have ED (Erectile Dysfunction), and similarly, nobody wants to see that they have a page from the ED (Emergency Department).

It often only takes one or two painless blue pills to make ED (Erectile Dysfunction) stop bothering you, while it takes three very painful words to make the ED (Emergency Department) stop bothering you (“Admit to us”).

The ED (Emergency Department) is a place of work that may lead to an uncomfortable date.  While ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a medical condition that could potentially also lead to an uncomfortable date.

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is a potential consequence of physician burnout.  The ED (Emergency Department) is a generator of physician burnout.

While working in the ED (Emergency Department), you may accidentally get covered in bodily fluids.  The same goes while working on ED (Erectile Dysfunction).

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