Bill Clinton Thought Balloons Were Silicone Breasts

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – GomerBlog’s psychiatric team was found to be correct that Bill Clinton was hallucinating during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) several days ago when he was playing with the falling celebration balloons.

Lead GomerBlog reporter and psychiatrist, Dr. Tamara Willers felt, “he had the look of a patient with pleasant hallucinations.”

Clinton has confirmed to Us Weekly that he actually thought the bouncing balloons were American colored silicone breasts.

“I’m not sure what came over me,” states Clinton.  “I think all the lights and falling objects made me hallucinate.  Being President for 8 years really can take a toll on you.  The next thing I know, I’m chasing after these huge red, white, and blue breasts.  Boy, I sure was happy.  Just seeing how well they bounced in the air, and how patriotic they were, I just wanted to grab them all.  I really liked the blue ones with all the star shaped nipples.  It really was the breast convention that Democrats were hoping for!”

Physicians on hand were able to verify, through meticulous physical examination, that the balloons were not breasts.  TSA confirmed the findings as well.

  • Doktor Schnabel

    Plague doctor from 1622 who practices blood letting and medical satire. My beak has mint leaves and straw to protect myself from the it looks good.

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