Night Shift Nurse Associates Sunrise with Mimosas

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28-year-old nightshift nurse Rene Wilkins has come to appreciate sunrise for several reasons, one to include drinking multiple mimosas at John’s Breakfast Hut at 8am.

mimosa“Growing up I used to hate sunrise!” proclaimed Wilkins.  “Typically sunrise meant having to get ready to go to school as a kid and then work as an adult.  I hated it!  It was so bright and it blasted my eyes with light.”

After nursing school, Wilkens applied for a night shift nursing job to try something new and she hasn’t been happier.  Now at sunrise she is ecstatic knowing that her shift is coming to a close, and that she can grab mimosas at the one bar open at 8am in town before crashing at her apartment.

‘At first I hated only having one bar open to hang out and drink at 8am, but I quickly realized that it was amazing.  First off, only regulars show up at 8am to drink each day, so you got to know everyone.  Secondly, everyone shared a common bond, night shift!  We all had similar stories about all the craziness that occurs at the hospital or anywhere at night.”

Check in next week as we interview Nurse Wilkins on how to check a patient’s vital signs at night while they sleep without waking them up.  Spoiler alert, you can’t find a fever if you don’t check!

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