Top 10 Ways to Get Invited to the Nurses’ Infamous Potluck Dinners

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Physicians, if you haven’t heard of or been to some of the nurses’ break room potluck dinners you probably aren’t doing any of the items below.  These glorious buffets are a prized secret that only a few hand selected physicians have been able to penetrate.  Physicians that have been so fortunate enough to have been invited have reported food that is pure “ecstasy,” “a culinary climax,” and “a slice of bliss at the dreary hospital.”  How do you get invited?  Well it has been kept a secret until NOW!

  1. Don’t interrupt any nurse during change of shift
  2. Prescribe lots of Ativan, Precedex, Propofol, and Haldol for their ICU patients
  3. Actually listen and follow through with nurses’ ideas and assessments during rounds
  4. Don’t prescribe Lasix after ordering a Foley to be removed
  5. Don’t even think about ordering an enema
  6. Stick up for them when the patient or family is being belligerent towards them
  7. Actually return a page in a timely manner
  8. When asked to place a routine order in the EMR, just do it, don’t belittle them
  9. Understand that a nurse may actually have more than one patient to take care of; in fact they may have 8+ thanks to a clueless administration
  10. Don’t be a dick.  Buy them a cup of coffee instead the next time you see them


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