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BUTTE, MT – In a strange twist of fate, Dr. Amanda Sevoflurane, a practicing Anesthesiologist at Pilonidal Cyst Memorial Hospital, decided to mix things up a bit.

“Gas runs out in one hour”

“How many times do you ask the Surgeon how much time is left, ya know to help plan timing for wakeups, only to realize that after that time estimate has elapsed, they aren’t even close to finishing,” proclaimed Sevoflurane.  “Throw in some medical students or Interns to close and that time estimate becomes even more of a joke!”

Sevoflurane decided to stop asking how much time is left and rather inform the Surgeon how much Anesthesia time was actually left.  “Lap chole, they get 1 hr max.  After that, if they aren’t finished they better be really good at working on a moving patient because we are coming in for landing.”

“Look at NASCAR racing.  The team and driver have to plan around a limited amount of gas.  Well, the same goes here now.”

Since she implemented the new Anesthesia running time policy, OR cases have been on time and productivity has increased by 120%.  Hospital Administrators are in love with the policy.

Stay tuned to next month when we investigate surgical take-backs and surgical complications from rushing, but until then enjoy your extra free time this month thanks to Dr. Sevoflorane!