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What is better than clickbait?  We at Gomerblog think that we could get more people into your specialty if you just followed the internet rules of clickbait.  So here you go: Medical Specialties as Clickbait Titles!

Anesthesia8 Secret Ways You Could Die in Your Sleep!

CT SurgeryFind Out Why This Doctor Loves to Pump His Patients!

CardiologyLearn How This Nerd Can Afford Two Ferraris!

Intensivist14 Crazy Ways Your Renal Tubules Could Be Failing You

EMLearn This Doctor’s Secret for Discharging GOMERs ASAP!

ENT5 Ways You Can Improve Your Golf Game TODAY!

Family MedicineWhy Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Homeopathy (And 3 Printouts You Can Give Her to Change Her Mind!)

GIDoctors HATE This Sound – See What Happens When The Scope Comes Out!

OncologySo What You’re On Hospice?  6 Chemotherapy Regimens To Try NOW!

Neurology22 Devastating Ways Your Limbs Will Stop Working – And Your Doctors Don’t Know How to Stop It!

Neurosurgery12 Simple Ways Your GCS Could Be Higher!

OB/GYNYou Won’t Believe What She Will Pull Out of Your Hoo-Ha!

Ophthalmology4 Cringe-Worthy Ways Your Refraction Is Off – And How You Can Fix It TODAY!

OrthopedicsThe Ten Best Beers for Shotgunning, Ranked!

PediatricsOMG Look at These 12 Cute Babies (And Also My Crippling Debt)!

PharmacyThis Pharmacist Calculated His Own Creatine Clearance!  The Result Will Leave You Speechless

Preventative Medicine – This Specialty was left out of a Gomerblog post again, you won’t believe what happens next.

Plastic SurgeryShe Was a Plain Jane in High School – You Won’t BELIEVE What She Looks Like Now!

Radiation Oncology5 Ways Your Isodose Line Is Wrong – And You Will Be Shocked by the Simple Collimator Fix!

RT This Respiratory Therapist Nebulized an Elephant, You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next

Surgery12 Unbelievable Places That Bile Can Exit Your Body!  #8 Will Make You Cry.

Urology9 Daily Activities That Can Be Made Slower with a Robot!

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