Local Man Has Ingenious Plan to Join Gym January 1st

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LOUISVILLE, KY – Local man Doug Sims is beaming with pride today as he started his long over-due work out plan. “I had an a such a unique idea, to start my exercise plan on the first of the year!” he said. “It just makes so much sense, new year, new way of living. I just don’t know why no one else has ever thought of this before!!!”

Doug bought new shoes for this historic day, new workout clothes, a gym bag, the towel he received from his sister on Christmas, and of course protein shake mix for his post workout drink. “I carbo-loaded last night in preparation,” Doug said.

Friends of Doug report he has been planning this since August. “We are proud of him to finally take action. Why he waited 4 months like everyone else is beyond me,” a friend said. “Let’s just hope he keeps it up, along with the hundreds of other January Gym goers here today.”

He almost didn’t complete his planned workout, the parking lot was extremely full. ” I drove around for about 10 min and didn’t find a spot! There were people parked up on the grass.” Doug said. “Everyone works out, they should build more gyms.”

A parking spot opened at the last second. Doug was able to go inside and sign up for a $60 a month membership and complete his twenty minute workout, walking on a treadmill. He was also seen sitting on one of those balls and then a foam roller before heading home. “They have some weird stuff at the gym!” Doug said referring to the roller and ball. “I have no doubt in my mind I can do this everyday, just look at all the other people who are doing this too!” he said pointing to the the hundreds of other gym-goers.

Not to worry, he had his post workout protein drink.

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