Nevada Nursing Facility Pioneering Breast-To-Mouth (B2M) Resuscitation

LAS VEGAS, NV – In the wake of bundled Medicare payments, a Nevada geriatric nursing facility run by neonatologist-turned-geriatrician, Dr. Hugh Mounds, has begun to implement breast-to-mouth (B2M) resuscitation for his patients.

“Thank you for the B2M resuscitation again!”

“Our patient satisfaction scores were terrible, and we had to find a way to cut costs,” said Dr. Mounds.  “I remembered my early career as a neonatologist and remembered that my patients really seemed to turn the corner after their first feeding, and I began to think how I could incorporate that into my current practice.”

After a ‘business lunch’ at the nearby Boom Boom Room in Old Town Vegas, it finally clicked.  Mounds developed the multi-disciplinary strategy of B2M.  “We are still awaiting approval from the American Heart Association, but we are optimistic that we will be a part of the new guidelines.”  It seems that the elderly male population of Northern Las Vegas really seems to be responding positively to the new approach.

“It has been a double-edged sword for us.  Our patient satisfaction scores are through the roof; despite the fact that all of our patients are frequently becoming unresponsive, requiring B2M resuscitation multiple times a day.  Conversely, we are finding that their nutritional status is greatly improved without having to keep a dietician on staff.”