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TWITTERVERSE – A colorectal surgeon posted a rant about the care he received in an odd location “Psychology Today.” The rant, which since has been taken down, ripped on everyone he came in contact with and a few below the belts shots.  Luckily the internet provided balance to this behavior particular from his peers.  His rebuttal to the ‘backlash’ was posted (link below).  Don’t worry he didn’t apologize for his words and actions, but did apologize for everyone misunderstanding him.

If you would like to read the original article, the internet is forever and can be read HERE.

When the Charge Nurse answered pleasantly, I didn’t speak.  I yelled.  Some fragments of that yelling monologue:

My mother had a TIA more than 24 hours ago, and you still haven’t looked at her carotid arteries!  She’d be safer in a grocery store!

Even first year medical students knows that my mother needed a carotid artery ultrasound hours ago!

Would you allow YOUR mother to be treated, or I should say, NOT TREATED this way?!

If your damn doctor doesn’t call me from the damn radiology suite with the results of a damn ultrasound of my mother’s damn carotid ultrasound within the next 15 minutes, I will transfer her to a REAL hospital, after which I will come down there with my damn lawyer and make all of your lives a living hell!

The Charge Nurse said not a word throughout this tirade.  When I was done, she softly and sadly spoke.


The original tweet:

Then of course we chimed in:

After he is finally convinced a CT should occur before a physician will see the patient…

He said the Nurses and Physician apologized to him..

You gotta hand it to Dr. Peter Edelstein for defending not only his disagreements with standard of care (which his mother received), but he  did not step down from his “yelling” at nurses. Learn more about him HERE. And the epic mic drop known as Pure Gold.

If you made it this far you don’t have much to do today. You can read his “apology.” He apologized to all of us who understood his yelling that marginalized his colleagues, to a general yelling at the system, that in the end treated his mother within the standard of care. #sorrynotsorry

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