PORTLAND, ME – In the already hectic scuttle of fourth year, one medical student is worried about the implications of his recently-received parking ticket on his NRMP match probability. “It just sucks after all these years of hard work, this careless event might tarnish everything,” he said.

Mo, who has been driving since he was 16, is shocked that after years and years of driving and parking, he was still able to make a mistake. “I’m worried it may reflect poorly on my teachability and ability to get better with training,” Mo said during the interview. Mo received the parking ticket because his meter ran out of time, to which he responded, “I was barely 5 minutes late. Programs may question my time management skills.”

Mo is strongly considering applying next cycle after taking a research year, focusing on the correlation between patient outcome and their doctor’s accumulation of traffic violations.

“No one wants a criminal who doesn’t learn from his mistakes,” Mo said.