Lame PCP Doctor Hasn’t Even Tried PCP

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MADISON, WI – Quick!  Hide your beer, get the Visine, because it’s time to meet Dr. Dud.  Well, her real name is Dr. Amy Brice.  Dr. Brice refers to herself as a PCP doctor, and hasn’t even tried PCP.  What!  How is that possible?

Dr. Lamo

This square spent 11 years after high school training to become a PCP doctor, and much of it in a library!  No summers in Nevada at Burning Man.  No nipple pasties.  She has never walked into the woods in-search of the Willow people who helped save dinkle from the evil Lord Marshal (who would be also out to capture her… Shhh!)  She has never made a make-shift fortress out of branches and leaves to hide from Marshal when, in reality, it was actually a squirrel.  Nope, never been on the PCP train.

She cannot even hear colors.  Sad.

C’mon at least go to a Phish show and let the world in, man (woman).

The only time this doctor had a trip, it wasn’t from smokin’ a dippie, it was an extreme sense of paranoia after taking Step 1 USMLE board exam.  She was telling everyone, “Oh I definitely failed, there is no way I passed.”  Turns out she had the highest score in the class.  Yeah, lets get a urine screen, pal.

All her patients love her, but they would probably love her more if she tapped into some angel dust every once in a while.

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