Local Jeweler Proposes with 4-Karat Kidney Stone Ring

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COLUMBUS, OH – On a recent romantic trip to the yellow river in Asia, world-renowned jeweler Rocky Ureter of Columbus, Ohio popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Sandy Britches.  The couple had been dating for 5 years when Rocky popped the question.  Sandy happily accepted, and their wedding is set to occur next August.

Rocky, who is a professional jeweler at the esteemed I. P. designs is expert in mounting precious gems to unique pieces of jewelry.  He stated in a recent interview, “I really wanted to surprise her with something that uniquely me and that could not be replicated.”

Ureter had undergone a recent hospitalization for multiple kidney stones at Riverside Methodist Hospital.  There, the medical staff strain his urine to extract the stones.  While most of them went to the lab for pathology, he was able to salvage the largest of the stones in order to make the rare engagement ring.

The stone is said to be a whopping 4 karats with cut and clarity unmatched by any diamond at any long chain diamond retailer.  Fellow jewelers have commented on the unparalleled brilliance and luster of the piece.  One stating, “Wow.,…..ummm, really?” while gagging with delight.

Unforseen by Rocky, this move has sparked a creative movement among residents of Columbus.  People have begun to use discarded body parts to express love for their significant others.  Mounting of fingernails, toenails, and foreskin has become a popular creative pastime, even inspiring the opening of a new jewelry, arts, and crafts store in the short north entitled “Your’s Truly” where the merchandise is all natural, and comes from the heart, or some other body part.

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