New Study Explores If More Cowbell Is The Key To Improving Sepsis Outcome

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NEW YORK, NY – An old treatment for sepsis-related fever is emerging as a potential alternative to the current sepsis bundle regimens, according to a new study by Dr. Chris Walken of Columbia University.

The original treatment theory was first published in 1976 by Dr. Buck Dharma, based on a small cohort study at his local hospital in Long Island, NY.  Therapy was directed at reducing fever, one of the main diagnostic criteria for sepsis.  While the idea was largely recognized as “psychedelic” hogwash at the time, there was a small but passionate cult following of the treatment for over a decade.

Walken was inspired to pursue the validity of the old treatment after his recent sepsis management bundle of essential oils, high-dose vitamin E and Snuggles failed to fully catch on.

“Despite, my modest success, many, in the medical community, thought, that Snuggles – while improving patient satisfaction scores – were simply, too difficult to document, and so I began exploring alternatives,” said Walken. Motivated to discover a hit, Walken teamed up with his colleague W. Ferrell, Pharm D. to determine the best “prescription” for the treatment of sepsis-related fever.

Their newly-published article is based on a double-blind, retrospective, randomized-control trial including match-pair analysis and evaluated Dharma’s original treatment utilizing cowbell against today’s traditional septic bundle management.  Unfortunately, despite singing the praise of the treatment the early results demonstrated a 97% increase in death, as well as higher rates of sensorineural hearing loss and diarrhea.

“Sepsis has a high mortality if not treated appropriately, and I just don’t want my patients to fear the reaper,” Walked explained.  When asked what he thought the right prescription was for improving fevers related to sepsis, he replied replied, “I gotta have more cowbell.”

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