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In an unprecedented move, John Cummings held a press conference in the student lounge to announce his decision to forgo the last year of medical school and put his name into the residency draft.

medical student“First of all, I’d like to thank the University of Nebraska for supporting me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without the countless hours in the anatomy lab late at night. Or coming in early to pre-round in the hospital during my core rotations this year.”

Surrounded by his family and many major news outlets he continued, “but the time has come to act in my family’s best interest.”

This decision was predicted earlier by his faculty mentor, Dr. Arnold Schwartz.

“The first day I met John I couldn’t believe the explosive skills he had. He moved like a surgeon and thought like a nephrologist. He was light years beyond his peers.”

The buzz started even before John stepped foot on campus. The University of Nebraska Alumni Association noticed his talents when he was still a freshmen at Creighton as an undergraduate. There he befriended other talented premed stars where they travelled the nation running the table at research conferences.

His meteoric rise, though, was not without its temptations. After his MS1 year John was approached by the makers of First Aid and offered first authorship on the upcoming year’s guide. In addition, U World offered to ink him to a multi-year endorsement deal in exchange for his input on questions. Student Doctor Network offered to award him ‘Lifetime donor’ status. The most lucrative offer though was from Littmann Stethoscopes.

Cummings continued, “And so I sit before you today and say that I am eager to begin next year as an intern. Of course, using the superior technology of Littmann Stethoscopes.”

Some have speculated that the Littmann deal will far exceed his intern year salary and open up other lucrative endorsement deals in the US as well as abroad.

Early projections have Cummings as a lock going to UCLA, where his father completed his undergraduate degree. His bench research would match current dean Richard Horowitz uptempo and speed of teaching. However, analysts are not counting out Washington University where he would have an immediate impact on the Green Team and likely have quality rounding sessions in the ICU and cardiology elective months.

His younger brother, Marcus, has also shown promise as a rising fifth grader and is on many medical school radars already.

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