female doctor

female doctor

Gomerblog School of Medicine is pleased to announce that it will be offering a 2 day conference for female medical students this spring, entitled “Preparing to be a Woman In Medicine.”

Students will be provided instruction on only the most important and beneficial topics, with the goal of helping them advance their careers, and become comfortable in their role as a physician.

The keynote address, “Where to Find Work Clothing with Functional Pockets,” was chosen by a large group of recently graduated female residents, and is sure to be helpful to everyone present.

Over the two days, you’ll receive coaching on important phrases, such as:
• “Actually, I’m not your nurse I’m your doctor.”
• “I’m older than I look.”
• “My name isn’t sweetheart.”

Optional breakout sessions will be available, including:
• Convincing Your Senior That Pumping Is Actually Necessary
• Makeup: The Fine Line Between Too Much and Not Enough
• Family Planning: How to Avoid Disrupting Your Partners’ Call Schedules

At the conclusion of the conference will be a panel discussion regarding Women In Medicine among Drs. Bob Griffith, James Adkins, and Matthew Carter.

All participants will be provided with a complimentary, white coat pocket sized pepper spray branded with the GSM logo.

Registration is open now, and extends through the end of the current semester.

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