Dr. I. Kaffeinate is prominent Canadian anesthesiologist who is raising doubts about a recently reported article1 in which urologists were warning women of a disturbing new trend.

“No peegasm”

This reporter caught up with her after she finished up an 18-hour flap case in the ENT room.

“Apparently, peegasms are a thing, and I would like to be the first to express healthy scepticism, or maybe disappointment. This sort of reporting is irresponsible, it raises false hope amongst female anesthesiologists everywhere.”

To explain, it seems that some women have reported experiences of full-body, mind-altering orgasms when urinating after they hold their pee for extended periods of time. Some women even seek out said peegasms by voluntarily holding onto their pee until their bladders are near bursting.

“I feel like if this was an actual response to extended periods of excruciating bladder distension from waiting for hours for an opportunity to pee, I would certainly have heard about before now. In fact, I should have had the pleasure of experiencing it today! BUT nooooo! I was hotly anticipating my pee break after being forgotten in my room for over six hours. Finally, someone remembered to break me and I made a beeline for the changeroom and…nothing!! Sure, it felt good to finally unload my painful bladder, but otherwise sadly, nada. No mind-blowing, When Harry Met Sally, I want what she is having moments.”

“Seriously, I if this was more than an urban myth more female anesthesiologists would have been swapping all their male colleagues for those microvascular and electrophysiology rooms for years now. That is not what is happening.”

But, the experienced clinician-scientists admits that anecdote, even her own, does not constitute evidence. These reports are screaming, or maybe quietly moaning, for a better evidence-base.

If proven true she states, there will be obvious positive spin-offs. Improved anesthesia recruitment and retention, reduced complaints about being slated in the long room on the day before the long weekend, and no more grumbling about being assigned with the slow surgeon… again. The new emphasis onWork-life balance will take on a whole new meaning.

As she emphatically states, “Really, it’s our duty to prove this once and for all.”

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