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Doctor Introduces New “Rate My Patient” App

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Tired of mediocre Yelp reviews by non-compliant patients, Dr. Thomson created “Rate my Patient”, an app designed for physicians that gives them a little heads up on who they’re seeing in their office that day.

“Nowadays, patients and families are able to review physicians and procedures on multiple websites. I can be googled and everyone can see any comments about me or my practice, regardless of whether or not it’s true or a fair review. Why can’t doctors have the same resources for patients?”

Rate My Patient requires a DEA number to register for an account and is only available to currently practicing physicians. Patients are unable to see their reviews while any physician can log in and read all about their patients.

“It’s a great system. I check it all the time to keep updated since I’m constantly getting new referrals” says cardiologist Michael Demsi. “Now if I notice someone with abysmal reviews I tell them I don’t have any appointments until the next year! Or I just set them up with my NP.”

Here are some of the most recent reviews on the app:

Tristan Wilkes – 1/5 “Clearly drug seeking, absolute nightmare in the ER! Claimed to have chest pain so he could get seen faster and then just yelled at the nurses for not giving him any Dilaudid. Seriously made me rethink my commitment to do no harm.”

Annie Baker-5/5 “Sweetest little old lady EVER. She listened to all of my instructions and even brought in some homemade chocolate chip cookies for the office during her followup visit. Wish she had more medical problems so I could see her more often!”

Thomas Ting-3/5 “Not bad, not great, just kinda meh. Wouldn’t rearrange my schedule for him.”

Dr. Thomson says that so far it’s been a hit and surprisingly accurate. “I’ve heard from several colleagues that the reviews are spectacular, they’re detailed and often provide specific quotes. We also provide a star rating for the busier providers who don’t have the time to type out a lengthy review. The only issue we’ve been experiencing is when orthopedics 5 stars someone because ‘they got nice femurs.’

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