Nasty JellyBean – Hospital Edition

The makers of the popular game Nasty Jellybean have a new healthcare edition divertissement coming to a store near you, just in time for the holidays! Nasty Jellybean boasts itself as a dare game, where participants test their gastric gumption and gag reflex by a taste comparison of yummy Jelly Beans to some of the wildest flavors!

The newly updated taste testing roller coaster invites players for a comparison of new flavors such as toffee, partially digested Nepro, pumpkin spiced latte, c-diff, orange meringue pie, pseudomonas aeruginosa, merlot, GI bleed, margaritaville, and necrotic bowel. This competitive game does not allow the player to know if they will be dining on a scrumptious delight or searching for a hospital grade bio bin or emesis basin, until it is too late! Take the JellyBean challenge for yourself and see if your flavor will be yuck or yum! We dare you!

*** Health disclaimer *** no bacteria were harmed in the making of JellyBean Healthcare Edition, and there is no chance of transmission of disease from ingesting our GI bleed flavor, although there are reports of concomitant nausea at work post-playing during encounters of associated smells and/or tastes. PLAY AT YOUR RISK.