Breaking: Wandering Atrial Pacemaker Gets a New Home

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The American Journal of Borderline Interesting Cardiology published today that a wandering atrial pacemaker has finally been settled in a permanent location. Dr. Amy Oderorone, project leader commented: “While not a serious medical condition, a wandering atrial pacemaker has been a nuisance to medical students residents and attendings….. everyone who’s not a cardiologist actually. Now this minor inconvenience has been solved.”

Dr Vera Pam-Mill who was also a part of the group went on to add, “It’s really not that serious of a diagnosis but the department forces us to do research, so why not settle this drifter.”

Dr. Brady Carr-Dick admitted that the settlement area between the third and fourth chin was not the most desirable location, but it provided an affordable home that is sparsely populated by other vital organs Reports indicate however, that the thyroid and both vagus nerves have become quite irritated by the presence of the vagrant pacemaker.

In an exclusive interview with Gomerblog, the pacemaker admitted that settling down was premature and he was planning to hit the road and seek new adventures shortly.  Non-cardiologists around the world can expect to be bugged by mildly abnormal EKGs soon enough.

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