Plastic Surgery Forced to Rebrand Due to Negative Association with Global Warming

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Plastic Surgery has been getting a bad wrap for their association with the deteriorating brand value of plastic in the current climate of global warming. They have been asked by the State Medical Boards to rebrand to improve their image.

“It’s been difficult to find and alternative,” explains Dr. Polly Ester, the Chair of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. “We are well known for our teeny tiny little stitches in difficult parts of the anatomy but the board felt that rebranding as ‘Fiddly Surgery’ might be misconstrued.”

“A rename should be descriptive of the fact that ours is the only specialty that operates on almost every part of the body but ‘Total Body Surface Surgery’ is way too boring and doesn’t sound expensive and ‘All but Dental, Eyeballs and the Anus’ was considered too long a name,” explained Dr. Mal Eable, “although that one could be abbreviated to ‘Abdeata’ which is excellent as we can still get the .com domain name.”

Doctors at a focus group at Grand Boulder Hospital Plastic Surgery Department liked the idea of recycling and came up with the name “Regenerative Surgery.”

The American Board of Plastic Surgery continues to hold brand workshops and focus groups across the country.

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