Family of Med Student Not Sure What They’re Celebrating Anymore

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AUSTIN, TX — Dale Rawlings, grandfather of Mackenzie Rawlings, attended her Match Day event this weekend and had utterly no clue the entire time.

Mackenzie joins her classmates, the class of 2018, in starting her residency this fall, which Mr. Rawlings is positively sure means something or the other.

Martha, Mackenzie’s mother, recalls 4 years ago, when Mackenzie found out she would be a doctor, and then a ceremony in which she was still going to be a doctor, and then each year that she was still going to be a doctor, culminating today in an event where a lot of people were still going to be doctors.

“I’ll never forget the moment they said her name, everyone clapped, and she got on the stage,” said Mackenzie’s father, Matt, “because that has happened twelve times now.”

“We’re just really proud of her,” said her 18 year-old brother Jacob, “and want her to know we’re behind her for all 13 years she has left.”

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