Intern gazes into view of the galaxies in Epic home screen, ponders meaning of life

Chicago, IL – While turning to the computer to place orders on ICU rounds, intern Dr. Exy Stential never made it past the log-in screen. His eyes fell upon the view of the cosmos, and suddenly, he began to feel that his existence was just so small.

“Our sun is but a speck within the galaxies,” he muttered. “My God; what am I doing? What are any of us doing? Who else is out there?”

The upper level resident heard Dr. Stential’s ramblings, but figured he was just questioning his life choices in the middle of rounds. “The interns do that a lot.”

Dr. Stential became mesmerized by the cosmic formations and missed the rest of rounds. His attending came back and found him, in a state of deep hypnosis and unresponsive to tactile stimulation. An EEG was placed on the intern, which showed a coma-like pattern.

“This is now the third time this month that we have had an intern fall into a trance-like state from staring too long at the cosmos in the Epic log-in screen,” said his attending.

“And for some reason, we have an ICD-10 code* for this exact situation! I may as well bill for this!”

*ICD-10 95899: Coma in an intern who has spent too long staring at the galaxies in the Epic log-in screen while on rounds, non-intractable