Bugs Bugs Baby

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Med student on the mic!

Let’s rock this DDx

Bugs bugs, baby

Bugs bugs, baby

All right stop

Collaborate and listen

I’m back, y’all MD’s be tripping

Time to put this fever in remission

Like a boss

Not quite, like a scientist-physician

As for our patient, ailing and sickly

Strangely febrile, how odd and tricky

Will it ever stop?

Yo, I don’t know

Really depends on the diagnostic micro

To the extreme a granulomatous fortress

Good thing I’m here to prevent rigor mortis


And viruses, too

Best not forget the autoimmune

Any recent trips?

New rashes? Any ticks?

No, don’t think so

Guess we’ll have to check her SNPs

When it comes to exomes

Yo, I’m blessed

Never too late for genes to manifest

Porphyria, baby

I’m thinking Sweet syndrome, baby

Chediak-Higashi, baby

Zellweger syndrome, baby

Now that we’re thinking wet lab

My blot coming out like it’s wrapped in gift wrap

99 blots, beta-actin staining fine

P-value dropping, always less than .05

Just playing

We losing sight of the game

Gotta solve this fever and take center stage

And now I’ll kindly go a cappella

To better scrutinize the specific sequela,

I got a couple questions I’d like to ask ya

You got a cat at home?

You heard of Bartonella?

Have you been exposed to a sheep’s placenta?

Never know, fam, it could always be Brucella

Histoplasmosis, baby

Anaplasmosis, baby

Ehrlichiosis, baby

Got the diagnosis, baby

Take heed, cause my lyrics be infectious

Prose intertwined like the brachial plexus

Temp’s running up, there’s a micro menace

I eat bugs like these for proverbial breakfast

Rhymes so wild they’ll leave ya with rabies

But at least it’s not a yeast infection

Am I right ladies?

Word to my intern

I’ll leave the rest to my team

They’ll take care of the plan

If you know what I mean

Drop the mic

Let’s get out of here

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