New ICD 10 Codes Prove Extremely Useful

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New ICD 10 code series for when you have no f***g clue what’s going on with your patient, but you still want to get paid. Use ICD 10 code U 00.00. Unspecified illness of unspecified duration resulting in unspecified complications.

International classifications of diseases or ICD is a system well known to physicians and other health care providers. It helps us to streamline the classification of diseases diagnoses and symptoms for treatment and billing purposes.

However, every once in a while we as providers get patients who’s symptoms and presentations do not align with any of the previously established ICD codes. Sometimes you just have no f****g clue what is going on with your patient. In that situation, we still must document and code appropriately.

Well, lucky for you, I have created a series of codes for this very situation. They are the U codes. These codes can be used in any situation where the medical diagnosis is elusive.

U 00.00- Unspecified illness of unspecified duration resulting in unspecified complications
U 00.01-acute or chronic injury or illness caused by unspecified condition
U 00.02-unspecified disease state with or without specified symptoms
U 00.03-unspecified diseases not otherwise specified.

For questions regarding the use of these codes please refer to………

Insurance reimbursement is thus far, unspecified.

You’re welcome.

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