Tampa, FL – Calling the event “Historic”, and “The first of its kind”, Hospital CEO Dale Gerald posed for cameras as he scooped hot mashed potatoes onto the plates of hungry Residents. The resident appreciation lunch was suggested by hospital administrators as a way to boost morale and dispose of the nearly expired food that was leftover from Nurses Week.

“Come and get it while it’s hot!,” exclaimed CFO Jill Friedman, referring to the three day old chicken that was moved from the cafeteria storage room to a chrome-plated buffet tray in the residency lounge.

Residents were told that they would not be excused from shift, or rounds, but may stop by in between work duties.

The event was well received by hospital administrators, who used their two hour lunch break to take pictures with exhausted and starved Residents as they hurried into and out of the lounge. Pictures of the event soon emerged on the hospital’s social media sites, accompanied by the hashtag “Wellness”.

At press time, medical students from across the hospital had abandoned their work responsibilities and packed into the crowded residency lounge for their free lunch.