Med Student Takes Break from Reading Textbook About Medicine to Read Novel About Medicine

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AUSTIN, TX — Rupak Preet had completed six straight hours of reviewing neurosurgery when he decided it was time to unwind by reading a memoir about neurosurgery.

“Even though I’m in med school I try to keep diverse interests,” said Preet, “like going to neurosurgery conferences, reading books written by neurosurgeons, and writing articles to publish in neurosurgery journals.”

Among the volumes lining his eclectic bookshelf are a book by Abraham Verghese, another book by Abraham Verghese, and a final book by Abraham Verghese.

“It’s really important to me to be well-rounded,” said Preet, “so my tastes vary from medical fiction all the way to medical nonfiction.”

After an intense month of studying for their final in anatomy, Preet says he and his friends plan to forget about medicine for a while by going to a Grey’s Anatomy watch party and talking about the test the whole time.

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