In what started as a joke by the senior emergency medicine residents at Hospital Woeisme, Baby Yoda memes posted around the ED have had an astonishing and unexpected impact on patient behavior.

Baby Yoda, the beloved 50-year young version of the Jedi Yoda from Star Wars spin-off TV show The Mandalorian, has quickly become a celebrity in his own right. Baby Yoda memes have been storming the Internet lately, inspiring the residents’ prank.

One meme shows Baby Yoda looking adorable and wise, counseling “Take your meds, you will.” Another shows Baby Yoda looking upwards with the quote, “Follow-up, you must.” And a third shows a serious Baby Yoda, eyes closed and hand reaching out, with the caption, “Return here, you mustn’t.”

The Jedi-inspired messages appear to be sinking in. The rate of bounce backs has reportedly declined 50%, medication compliance has improved by nearly 80%, and almost every patient now has a primary care doctor.

The senior residents who started the hoax were shocked to see that their posters have now been enlarged, professionally printed with a glossy finish, and hung in every patient hallway. “Our goal was just to piss off the administrators, but yeah, I guess this is a good thing. I supposed we’ll have to think of a different prank now…”

ED Chair Dr. Hans proudly reported, “We’ve seen a huge surge in patient compliance. Patients are taking their medications and they’re actually going to their follow up appointments. It’s pretty incredible. This change in behavior has yielded almost three million dollars in savings for Woeisme in just the past two months.”

Dr. Hans added thoughtfully, “People don’t like listening to doctors anymore, but they sure do love taking medical advice from a small, green fantasy character without a grasp of basic English grammar.”

Perhaps Baby Yoda really is exercising the power of The Force in the ED.

Mysterious, it is