NEW YORK, NY – Currently billions and billions of virus-sized Godzillas are wreaking havoc on New York. The coronavirus is speading like wildfire. Now a large ominous virus has come from the sea to destroy what is left of the city.

“Things are about to get much worse for the already devastated New York City,” Mayor De Blasio told reporters as he was running out of the city.

“Now a Godzilla-sized coronavirus has come to swallow the city,” he continued, starting to get out of breath. “Run for your life!”

“Look at that hemagglutinin esterase dimer!” one panicked citizen exclaimed.

“It’s going to use that to attach to the Freedom Tower!” shouted another.

“It’s One World Trade Center you piece of @*&#!” a taxi driver corrected him shouting out his window.

“And the size of those spike glycoproteins will kill us all!” a woman screamed.

New York needs to catch a break.

Lord Lockwell
Lord Vincent Lockwell, a medival surgeon, started Gomerblog in 1388. He went for a walk in the alps to get away from the bubonic plague in what is now considered southren Germany when a tragic acident occured. The avalanche did not kill him but froze him for over 500 years. He was thawed and now continues to report on medical news.