ARLINGTON, TX – Local hospital that struggles with personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage, decide to triage its usage among his health providers. To that end, an intubated patient with pulmonary tuberculosis was tested for SARS-CoV-2 to test for the need of airborne precautions.

“Results came back negative,” said intensivist Dr. Mike O’Buck, “so we’ve decided to divert the N95 for COVID-19 patients. What’s the worst that could happen? He can only spread TB, not corona.”

The hospital came under scrutiny from the local state health department when it found that a child with cough, coryza and fever tested positive from measles and was placed on a shared room. “We have followed the protocol, and this at-risk child tested for COVID-19, which was negative. No clear reason to continue with excessive isolation precautions,” was the hospital response to the department.

The hospital reports also staff shortage due to massive sick leave taken by providers, interestingly none are due to COVID-19.

Following this case, Texas health department released a statement that says “The health department wishes to emphasize that COVID-19 is not the only disease out there” and advised physician “to practice best medical judgement based on years of training and not just based on the latest news.”