San Diego, California – Ronald Flackey, MD is not like just any Anesthesiologist.  In addition to the 4 years of medical school and 4 years of residency it takes to practice Anesthesiology, Dr. Flackey spent extra training in a regional anesthesia fellowship.  As a result, Dr. Flackey is a master at different regional blocks.  Interscalene blocks, infraclavicular blocks and TAP blocks are all a routine part of his day.  You name the block and Dr. Flackey can do it.

But there is one block that Dr. Flackey excels at; the cock block.

“Its amazing” says Dr. Harbery one of his colleagues.  “Ronald is truly a sensational clinician.  But his ability to cock block is unparalleled.  Just the other day I was relieving him in an Orthopedic surgery case.  The Ortho resident was clearly hitting on this cute circulating nurse.  Well, Dr. Flackey shut that down immediately.  I think the resident had a kid or something from a previous marriage.  Because as Ronald was leaving the room he shouted something to the Orthopod about ‘don’t be late on child support again!’  We all had a good laugh.  But yeah, that Ortho resident didn’t say another word to the circulator.”

Members of Dr. Flackey’s anesthesia team echo Dr. Harbery’s sentiment.  Per Dr. Sam Wilkerson a resident on Dr. Flackey’s team- Dr. Flackey could ‘cock block a jack rabbit in heat.’  “I remember this scrub tech clearly hitting on one of the PACU nurses.  Bing came up to him and asked him about that ‘rash’ he was going to see the doctor for.  That poor nurse got red faced and just walked away.  I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Witnesses report that Dr. Flackey’s ability to cock block is not limited to the walls of the hospital.  Countless co-workers all have stories of Dr. Flackey’s blocking cocks out in the community.  “I remember I was on like a 3rd date with a guy I met on tinder” recounts a colleague of Dr. Flackey.  “I bumped into him at the restaurant we were at.  He comes up to me and jokingly takes my drink away and turns to my date saying ‘watch out- too many of these and you’ll have a repeat of the Christmas party! hey- whatever happened to that guy Chris you were dating, he seemed pretty upset that night?’ ”  Miss Staples then paused and sighed “never heard back from that guy I was on that date with, what a shame too I really liked him.”

When asked about his cock blocking abilities, Dr. Flackey demurred.  “It takes a lot to do what I do.  My ability to block different body parts is something I’ve worked hard on.  Whether it be femoral blocks, popliteal blocks or cock blocks- I take them all seriously.”