Jose Prada M.D., a Pediatric Anesthesiologist at Miami Children’s has a reputation of being very laid back. But according to Dr. Prada, the key to acquiring the reputation of being laid back is to ask your residents and CRNA’s what to do before telling them what to do.

“You see, so many attendings make the mistake of just telling their residents how to induce a patient or how to manage post op pain. I always take the approach of asking them their plan 1st. After they tell me it, I then tell them how to induce and manage post-operative pain.”

Dr. Prada’s style in interacting with his adult learners and CRNAs goes past just crafting plans for intraoperative anesthesia. To him, he wants them to succeed. “I am always sure to tell my residents to apply monitors when we enter the room. Heaven forbid they forget to put on the blood pressure cuff. So when we enter the room with our patient I always say ‘put on the blood pressure cuff, put on the pulse oximeter, put on the temperature probe.’ I want them to succeed.”

Dr. Prada then goes on to make sure his residents are succeeding at charting. “I always remind them to make sure to chart all their medications. Make sure to chart fluids. And make sure to chart vitals. This is important stuff!”

“I love my trainees and I want them to succeed. That’s why I always ask for their input before telling them exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. And that’s why they love me.”

At press time, Dr. Prada’s resident was unavailable for comment as he was busy rewording the pre-anesthesia evaluation at Dr. Prada’s request.