Despite being one of the most studied medications there has never been a range of placebos released onto the market. The newly launched Pharmaceutical company “Big Pharma” saw this gap and have developed a full range of placebos. From the small sized sugar coated range in 5 different colours right through to injectables, eye drops and the topical creams and ointment range called “Kiss it better”, Big Pharma’s placebos are taking the world by storm. The demand has been huge and Big Pharma have also developed a non-addictive range and placebos with less side effects.

“These drugs have been assessed and released onto the market in record time due to the huge number of scientific papers published in all disciplines of medicine” explains Dr Nocebo, clinical lead and head of marketing. “Placebos often work almost as well as the active drug, with the side-effect profile less than the active drug studied and they are far cheaper to produce” he added. “The FDA just rubber stamped them and we were all go, scaling up quantities to meet demand has been our biggest challenge”.

After developing the full range of prescriber only placebos Big Pharma have also released a full range of over the counter medications. “We feel that its important that patients develop self efficacy and are able to access these medications themselves. Of course, they’re slightly more expensive due to the easily understandable package inserts, more attractive packaging and retail staff training.” Specialist only placebos are also in the pipeline -“Doctors in all disciplines of medicine should have access to these life changing medications for their patients” said Dr Nocebo.

The branded placebo range has been so successful that Big Pharma is almost ready to launch a full range of generics and a homeopathy line