Local Medical Student Struggles to Explain His Eagerness to Place Foley Catheter on Male Patient

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urine catheterANN ARBOR, MI – Local medical student Dan S. started his first rotation today in Surgery.  “I woke up at 2:45 am arrived at the hospital about 3:10 am and I was able to see every patient twice!  Some three times.”  Dan was quoted on rounds, which in turn caused someone to cough “gunner.”  About 7:30 am, the four med students followed their first patient to the operating room and watched as he went under general anesthesia.  OR Nurse Jane asked if anyone wanted to place the Foley.  “They just looked like lost puppies.”  Jane reported in the break room referring to the medical students standing in the corner. “I had to get them involved; I never thought this could have happened.”

Dan volunteered loudly and energetically, hustling over to her nodding after every instruction.  He repeated often while opening the Foley packaging “This is so cool!”  He then became oddly quiet when starting the procedure.  After shaking and struggling holding the patient’s privates with only his finger and thumb, Nurse Jane took over.  During the case Dan stood still with a blank stare maintaining his sterile hands on the mayo stand.  Friend Christopher, who was able to hold the camera during the case, whispered to Dan, “Dude what’s up?”  Dan then confirmed: “I made a terrible mistake, had no idea what a Foley was.”

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