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Cardiologist “Very Excited” About the New Updates

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DURHAM, NC – Dr. Stone was seen earlier today speaking with a colleague in the halls saying how excited he was about the new updates.  His colleague, Dr. Poole, was anxiously trying to leave the conversations because he had not read the whole article.  The article titled, “2013 Update of the 2008 American College of Cardiology Recommendations for the Use of Disease Modifying Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in the Treatment of Post Cardiac Myocardial Infarction and the Effects of Biological Markers Such as TERM and HGAS with the Congruent Treatment of Atorvastatin and Carvedilol at Nighttime but Not In the Morning” was so long and had over 2,000 authors that Dr. Poole’s strategy of printing out the first page only to have the abstract, results, and discussion all on the same page failed him.  As luck would have it he had to run into Dr. Stone who had been waiting on the new recommendations since December.  Dr. Stone would frequently roam the halls to “accidentally” bump into people to discuss new articles.  “It was terrible I had to leave ASAP, why was the title so long?!?”


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