Intern Excited to Take Care of Cobra Kai, Because They Never Die

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Herb Swanson has started his internship year off on a bad foot.  “I had 3 patients die on me in July, not a good way to start my career.”

Dr. Swanson rotated in geriatrics during his first month of residency, where many patients are on hospice care.  “Whether it’s my fault or not it is still a blow.”  Dr. Swanson said referring to the inevitable outcomes during his geriatric rotation.

Herb is now on general wards and just admitted a karate champion from the dojo: Cobra Kai.

“Phew, I can rest tonight knowing that my patient will be OK; Cobra Kai never dies,” Herb stated after taking a large slow inhale while smiling.

Jennifer, Herb’s supervisor, decided not to tell him that she saw Danielson walking the halls just before she went home.  “I’ll let Herb find out tomorrow, he’d be up all night worrying.”


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