Doctor Sees Patient Outside of Clinic

elevatorCHICAGO, IL – Dr. Wilkenson shared an elevator with one of his patients Wednesday.  “Diane.”  He said nodding his head.  “How’s the…”  He paused and realized he really didn’t know anything that was Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) safe about her.  “Are you having a good day?”  He quickly made a save.  The elevated made a stop on 2, further increasing the awkward time.  The elevator dinged for 3 but it was the kind that will make 6 or 7 minor adjustments before opening the doors.  During this time he said, “Oh this is my stop, floor 3, yup here it is, ah ok, yuuuuup.”  Finally when the doors opened Dr. Wilkenson said, “Well, see you soon.”  He got out and they ended up walking down the same hallway together.