Local Man Haunted by Crying Colic Baby

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colic baby ghostATLANTA, GA – Local resident Ryan Foster, a 28-year-old bachelor and physical medicine and rehabilitation (PMR) resident, told GomerBlog he was currently haunted by a crying baby.  “It started happening a few months ago.  I thought it was my neighbor’s child.  Every night all I would hear is a crying baby for hours.”

After about a week, in typical passive-aggression fashion, he knocked on his neighbor’s door about 10 p.m. with a basket full of Similac Alimentum, pacifiers, and other internet remedies for fussy babies.  “It was pretty embarrassing.  I congratulated them on their new child they didn’t have.  In fact they didn’t have any children and to top it off they couldn’t hear the screaming child!”

Ryan told reporters that he was not getting any sleep.  “I went into PMR because of the lifestyle; if I wanted to work 130 hours a week I would have applied for neurosurgery.  This is starting to get annoying.”  Dr. Foster couldn’t even stay at the clinic if he wanted to, janitors would kick him out of exam rooms for sleeping.

It wasn’t until he was watching TV late at night, and an episode of Ghost Hunters was playing, he got an idea on how to solve his problem.  He saw the main hunter used a tape recorder to catch the ghosts.  Ryan thought, “Sure I’ll try it.”  It worked.  The tape when played back had some pops and crackles, which according the episodes, are proof-positive of ghosts.  “A colicky ghost baby is probably the worst baby to be haunted by.  I’m glad this was proven true.”

Ghost hunter Jason Hawes was very excited: “This experiment confirmed a crying, colic baby.  I have dealt with adults and even some children haunting people, but never a baby!”  Mr. Hawes had no answers for Dr. Foster.  There was only the possibility to contact another ghost, preferably a kind one, to go over to Ryan’s house and take the ghost baby away.

“Hey, colic babies are frustrating to the living, trying to convince a ghost to take one for eternity sounds like I’m the one who is haunting the ghosts!” Mr. Hawes said.  “Then there is always the risk of bringing a mother ghost here, Ryan will have to deal with two ghosts!”


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