Point-Counterpoint: I Got Sick from the Flu Shot

PointCounterpointTaking the Point will be Janet Flowerbottom, a local herbal supplement shop owner from Boulder, CO.  Taking the Counterpoint is Carl Hogstrom, a pig farmer from Davenport, IA.

Point: I was forced into taking the flu shot this year because I volunteer at a local hospital, suggesting different herbs and supplements patients can use to help fight their ailments.  Big Pharma just wants to make money, I want them to come to my store and treat their body naturally by purchasing the correct herbal supplement.  Well, 3 days later, here I am, sick as a dog, not taking his Echinacea; I got sick From the flu shot.

Counterpoint: I had a cousin once, who I thought got sick from the flu shot, but turned out it was Fournier’s gangrene.  I looked it up it’s a bacteria that eats your balls.  Wasn’t the flu vaccine at all.

Point: I haven’t been sick for months.  I knew this shot was coming so I bought some Kinoki pads, covered my entire body for a week, took three drops of homeopathic alpha-lipoic acid under my tongue, and still I got sick.

Counterpoint: I had a sweet hog, Ol’ Bessy, she got sick after shot I gave her.  So I butchered her and at had me a BLT.  Didn’t get sick.

Point: Mercury and the flu virus are both toxins to our body, when you get two at the same time your body cannot handle it and shuts down.  In comes the flu virus, destroying my body.  I had the flu shot and now I have the flu, explain that!

Counterpoint: You got sick because you didn’t get a flu vaccine, but instead got a government tracking device and nano-listening machines.  If you would have gotten the vaccine, you’d be flu free.

Point: Jenny McCarthy, who by the way has such beautiful skin from lathering herself in bee’s honey, doesn’t believe in vaccines and neither do I.  Just do your research.  Google it.

Counterpoint: (Almost concedes after hearing how a simple Google search, blog reading and forum posting is superior to many years of clinical research done by many professionals, then realizes he isn’t in bizzaro world.)  Quit being a dumbass and get the flu shot.

Disclaimer: GomerBlog endorses flu vaccines.