MICHIGAN – Local mom, Jennifer Leeders, brought in her Acura MDX for its annual maintenance.  Her mechanic recommended new brake pads, a routine recommendation.  “I saw they were getting low and I mentioned this would be a good idea.  It prevents against future accidents, I guess you could say it’s a prevention plan,” Mike Dwyers, the mechanic, told reporters.

Herd brakes: If everyone else can stop why would I need to?
Herd brakes: If everyone else can stop why would I need to?

“NO THANK YOU!” Jennifer responded.  “I have done my research and been on plenty of online forums to know that new brake pads are not safe for my car.”  She continued to rant: “I’ll stick with the brake pads that naturally came with my car; it’s more natural.”

Mike, who has 14 years of experience working on Acuras and Hondas, was taken aback.  “One would think that something simple and preventable as replacing your brake pads would be a non-issue.  People have been replacing brake pads for years and no one has ever linked it to adverse events.”

He went on to compare the thousands of accidents linked to poor brake pads versus the couple of cases where a new brake pad caused minor trouble like squealing or a little dust.

Ms. Lee, whom with the power of the internet, has learned more about her mechanic’s profession in a few hours than he could even dream of.  “Just because everyone replaces them doesn’t mean that brake pads are not dangerous for your car.  I know, I’ve done my research.  Besides ‘big brakes’ are behind all this anyway, laughing it up with their cigars and $5000 suits.”

Jennifer claims that brake pads contain “unsafe levels of mercury and aluminum” and can cause “auto stopping”; a condition that has only recently been seen, therefore, logically tied to replacement brake pads.

“It’s just so scary, you buy a brand new car and they want you to have all this preventable maintenance done.”  Jennifer continued, “I prefer to just do things naturally; in fact, I just posted that on my Facebook wall sent out to thousands of other car owners.”

Check out these staggering reasons to get maintenance on “brake pads” right here.  Here’s another great anti-“brake pad” proponent, Jenny McCarthy, here.

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