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Developing: Patient Professes “Deep Hatred of Needles”

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RENO, NVGomerBlog was first on the scene at a preoperative holding bay outside of the main OR, where a patient about to undergo surgery made a fascinating proclamation.  GomerBlog was investigating a recent allegation of an anesthesiologist sneaking into patient’s rooms the morning of scheduled surgery and feeding them in order to delay or cancel their surgery.  It was during this investigation that we “stumbled” across a new story.

IV catheter
“Doc, I hate needles”

Patient, R.K., was about to undergo an arthroscopic ankle surgery when upon greeting his anesthesiologist proclaimed, “Doc, I hate needles.”  Fortunately our audio was running at the time to catch this earth-shattering claim against sharp metal objects made to penetrate the human skin and sink into a blood-filled vessel.

“I have never heard anything like this before,” said operating room nurse Billy Sharon, whose very creative friends call him B.S.  “Most people come in here either not saying anything or at least saying they absolutely love needles and IVs.  To hear someone go the other direction was a once in a lifetime experience.”

Early reports state the patient R.K. has 35% of his body surface area covered in tattoos, most likely placed by an unknown technique which doesn’t use needles.

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  • Avatar
    Liz Quilty ♡

    @Night_ER_Ninja ahahaha

  • Avatar
    Thomas Thurlow

    I know quite a few people with alternative lifestyles that are very fond of needles.

  • Avatar
    Maryanne Kuo

    I do get the occasional random kid who gets seriously upset when I tell them they’re not due for any vaccines. In my head, I wonder if I’m examining a future IV drug abuser…

  • Avatar
    Theresa Wrabek

    I’ve actually given IV Valium to relax or enough to have his blood drawn. Still took a couple of us to hold him down. He was covered with ink. He said he just hated needles in his VEINS!

  • Avatar
    Scott Newgass

    Maybe junkies? The system of delivery for what they want.

  • Avatar
    SonyaandSam Crites

    Tattooed and pierced beyond recognition – yet an IV sends them into screaming and kicking fits…

  • Avatar
    Luz del Pilar

    The patient, whoever he/she is. I can’t forget the fear on their faces when I’m about to insert an IV cannula.

  • Avatar
    Jeanne Sincavage

    I worked with a WONDERFUL anesthsiologist who hated needles….when he went for a blood test, he passed out!!!

  • Avatar
    Kristen Cline

    My favorite was the 50 year old cutter and drug addict sobbing hysterically because I couldn’t find a vein- gee sorry nothing popped out at me on your rotting wasteland of a body! I’m sure there is a spot on your back somewhere you couldn’t reach, I’ll look there next time…

  • Avatar
    Rissa Stackhouse

    I had a cutter with bilat arm scars everywhere have a huge fit of drama over a 22g IV for the benefit of the significant other at the bedside.

  • Avatar
    Tony Di


  • Avatar
    Christina Anderson Barnhill

    I did meet one creepy dude that liked needles. Was glad when I left the room. Love the tatooed pierced folks that quake in fear at the site of a 25 guage coming at them.

  • Avatar
    Christina Anderson Barnhill

    I did meet one creepy dude that liked needles. Was glad when I left the room. Love the tatooed pierced folks that quake in fear at the site of a 25 guage coming at them.

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Schneider

    Every one of my junky friends!

  • Avatar
    Jane Deitz

    Did they also have more than 4 piercings?

  • Avatar
    Joshua Anderson

    I usually tell my patient that no one likes needles, including me. However I do have a few distraction and relaxation tips that help.

  • Avatar
    Adam AufderHeide

    Yes, but I cured them.

  • Avatar
    Harold Arthur Fowler

    wahhhh Gomerblog lagi update status.. .komen dulu ah

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