RN Relieved to Find Out That Patient’s Family Member’s Aunt is a Nurse

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HASTINGS, CA – Jenny Pasternak, an ICU nurse, was “very worried” about her shift tonight.  “I have been working as a nurse for 14 years and every day I come to work clueless, just faking it,” Jenny said.  “It was such a relief tonight because as soon as I entered the room, I was directed on nursing care by a well-informed family member in the room.”

iStock_000042741266Small“You need to be checking her blood pressure on her right arm,” the family member told RN Pasternak.

“Why is that?” Jenny mistakenly questioned.  “Does she have an AV fistula on the left, or a previous mastectomy?”

“No, because she’s right handed; that is where the blood pressure is at,” remarked the educated family member who didn’t buy all Jenny’s big medical jargon talk.

“You shouldn’t give her normal saline!  She is on a low sodium diet,” the family member later instructed her.

“Oh no, Mom’s flat-lining, call a Code Blue!” Jenny reacted to the outburst by simply placing the pulse oximeter back on the talking patient’s finger.

“That was a close call!” the vigilant family member said while holding her hand over her mouth.  “Good thing I was here to notice it.  What would this hospital do without me here to notice and watch my relative?”

When speaking about the patient’s ultrasound, the family member’s medical knowledge started to truly flow out.  “Ah [excuse me], nurse?  When Mom was having her ultrasound I saw gallstones but the radiologist said he didn’t see anything!”  Jenny stared at her with utter confusion.

“I want to fire that radiologist and get a new one.  Have the new one look again,” demanded the ultrasonographer expert, who seemed to have a Google degree from patient doctor school in San Jose.

The family member also requested a more natural approach: “If she needs her gallbladder out, we want just the stones removed not the gallbladder, she wants to keep all her organs.  It’s more natural.”

“Why is there an air bubble in the IV line?  You know air can kill somebody.  Stop that IV from flowing,” persisted the hawk-eyed family member.

Jenny was floored by this family member’s vast knowledge and just had to ask, “Are you in health care or something?”

“No, but my aunt is a nurse.  She is a CNA in Chicago.”

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    Kelly Summers Koch

    Jamie Kirby Lynch lol!!!

  • Avatar
    Alex Domovich

    Plan part of soap… Gave tPA because relative insisted

  • Avatar
    Cory Winters

    Nicole , Michelle can you relate? Laugh out loud!

  • Avatar
    Denise Gordon

    Insider joke!

  • Avatar
    Jackie Stevenson


  • Avatar
    Jennifer Castle


  • Avatar
    Donna Bennett


  • Avatar
    Rajbir Grover


  • Avatar
    Renee Gravois

    Admitted a patient with a profuse GI bleed who was also found to have a lower extremity DVT. His daughter demanded to know why he wasn’t being given tPA….

  • Avatar
    Christopher Michael Bourque

    I smell sarcasm in that comment!!!

  • Avatar
    Candi Skiles


  • Avatar
    Rebecca Haynie

    Lol! Web MD at its finest!!

  • Avatar
    Lacey Ann Fuson

    My favorite LPN from my V.A. Days used to say “oh, you’re a nurse? You ain’t a nurse here!”

  • Avatar
    Jessica Bode

    A few years ago, I had a pt’s mom try to tell me how to run her daughters labor, how to dose her Pitocin and when to call in the OB because “I’m medical also, I do office billing”! With a smile, I reminded her that she just needed to be grandma that day! Ugh!!

  • Avatar
    Amy Ward Wonder

    Oh, I’ve been there. Lol

  • Avatar
    Stephanie Hancock Rezac


  • Avatar
    Maureen Saunders

    hahahaha! My favorite is, “Oh just so you know she has a pacemaker.” Wait, what? She weighs 90 pounds and I thought maybe that obvious “lump” under her skin in her chest area with what looks like a wire coming out of it was a new fangled teleportation device. I’m so glad you’re here!

  • Avatar
    Katelyn Reinhart

    Hahaha Jennifer Stoehr Szidon I love this! I like the end: no but my aunts a nurse. She’s a cna in Chicago. Hahaha

  • Avatar
    Amy Arouni Peltz

    LOL! I needed this after a rough call…

  • Avatar
    Alex Domovich

    Overheard on the floor “m’am please stop googling abx that cover psuedomonus, we’re on top of this”

  • Avatar
    Betsy O’Herron Tolbert


  • Avatar
    Khalid Manzoor

    And of course the patients sister has access to Google and has done some “research”

  • Avatar
    Jessica Dew Hip

    Annie ha ha!

  • Avatar
    Ashley Garbutt

    Love it

  • Avatar
    Lynnette Alves Ridley

    Too funny

  • Avatar
    Jessica Bode

    Haha, perfect!!

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Stoehr Szidon

    Katelyn Reinhart! You will love this one!!

  • Avatar
    Shelley Silva Fisher

    LMAO. Love it.

  • Avatar
    Tresa Almy-Albert


  • Avatar
    Kristina Ormand Colloton

    Hahaha everyone is related to Dr. Google and he gives the best advice.

  • Avatar
    Sandy Land

    How would we EVER do our jobs without these helpful family members?

  • Avatar
    Bryan Fleck


  • Avatar
    Marsha Parker

    Been there too many times!

  • Avatar
    Janet L Rudd

    Betty Little- Sharp

  • Avatar
    Aleksandra Sikora

    Business as usual:-))))

  • Avatar
    Tash Hayles

    I don’t just like this, I LOVE it!

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